A Little Bit Longer
A Little Bit Longer CD Cover
Studio album by Jonas Brothers
Released August 12, 2008 (2008-08-12)
(see release history)
Recorded 2007–2008
Genre Pop rock, teen pop
Length 39:34 (Standard version)
42:32 (Wal-mart version)
41:41 (Target version)
42:44 (Best Buy version)
Record label Hollywood
Producer John Fields
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A Little Bit Longer
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Singles from A Little Bit Longer
  1. "Burnin' Up"
    Released: June 20, 2008
  2. "Lovebug"
    Released: September 30, 2008
  3. "Tonight"
    Released: January 4, 2009

A Little Bit Longer is the third studio album by the American pop-rock band the Jonas Brothers, and their second album released under Hollywood Records and managed under Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

It was released on August 12, 2008. The album received very mixed reviews, with a 1 star review, and one four star review. The first single off the album was "Burnin' Up", released on June 20, 2008. The album was number 40 on Rolling Stone's Best 50 Albums of 2008. One of the songs from the album, "Video Girl" was also number 49 on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Best Songs of 2008.[1]

Album info

The title of the album, "A Little Bit Longer," comes from their song of the same name, which Nick Jonas wrote about his dealings with having Type One Diabetes. The album artwork was released by Team Jonas, the Jonas Brothers' official fan club, to fan club members via an e-mail newsletter on June 20, 2008.

Like their last album, this one also features CDVU+ technology[2] that includes more than 30 pages of bonus features with exclusive video performance, 60 printable photos, complete album lyrics, downloadable graphics, and hidden links. In addition, the packaging of the album is made from 100% recycled materials.

On August 5, 2008, A Little Bit Longer was put up on MTV's The Leak[3] where one could listen to the album before it was released. The brothers performed their second single, "Lovebug" at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards.


"Burnin' Up"
"Burnin' Up" is the album's first single and was officially released via radio stations on June 20, 2008.[4] Also on that same day, the music video for "Burnin' Up" premiered on Disney Channel, following the premiere of Camp Rock.
The second official single "Lovebug" was revealed at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards,[5] where they performed this song. It was officially released on September 30, 2008. The official music video for "Lovebug," premiered on Disney Channel on October 19, 2008.
The third official single "Tonight" was confirmed by the Jonas Brothers at the 36th Annual American Music Awards. It was officially released on January 4, 2009. The music video premiered on January 19, 2009.
Promotional singles
On June 24, 2008, iTunes announced that it would be releasing four songs from A Little Bit Longer, one roughly every two weeks, as part of a promotional deal.[6] The songs were "Burnin' Up", "Pushin' Me Away", "Tonight", and "A Little Bit Longer". Due to strong digital sales, these songs briefly charted on the Billboard Hot 100, with "Tonight" as the highest charting song at #8. After the album's release, all of the album tracks charted on various Billboard charts.[7]

Charts and sales

According to Nielsen SoundScan, the album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 selling 525,402 units in its opening week[8] The album also charted as #1 on the Billboard Comprehensive Albums, Top Digital Albums, Top Internet Albums, and Tastemakers.[9]

All 12 tracks from the standard edition CD have charted on either the Billboard Hot 100, the Bubbling Under Chart (essentially positions #101-125) or the Pop 100. The four singles that had been released on iTunes: "Burnin' Up", "Pushin' Me Away", "Tonight", and "A Little Bit Longer" all charted on iTunes' "Top Songs Chart". The album is also considered as the highest first week sales debut at number one for a Hollywood records artist in the U.S. and worldwide.

According to Nielsen SoundScan, the album remained at number one in its second week on the Billboard 200 (August 19—August 26) with about 147,000 copies sold,[10] In its third week, it fell to number four on the Billboard 200, with about 80,000 copies sold.[11] It has sold 1,650,000 in the U.S receiving a platinum certification by the RIAA, and since sold 2,500,000 worldwide. The album was the second fastest selling album of 2008 and the 4th best seller.

Track listing

# TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "BB Good"  Jonas Brothers, John Taylor 2:56
2. "Burnin' Up" (featuring Big Rob)Jonas Brothers 2:55
3. "Shelf"  Jonas Brothers 3:48
4. "One Man Show"  Jonas Brothers 3:08
5. "Lovebug"  Jonas Brothers 3:40
6. "Tonight"  Jonas Brothers, Greg Garbowsky 3:29
7. "Can't Have You"  Nick Jonas, PJ Bianco 4:28
8. "Video Girl"  Jonas Brothers 2:53
9. "Pushin' Me Away"  Jonas Brothers 3:03
10. "Sorry"  Jonas Brothers, John Fields 3:12
11. "Got Me Going Crazy"  Nick Jonas 2:35
12. "A Little Bit Longer"  Nick Jonas 3:25

Bonus tracks

Japan's Edition (CD/CD+DVD)[12]

CD Only

Track listing

# TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "When You Look Me In The Eyes"  Jonas Brothers, PJ Bianco, Raymond Boyd  
2. "BB Good"  Jonas Brothers, John Taylor 2:56
3. "Burnin' Up" (featuring Big Rob)Jonas Brothers 2:55
4. "Shelf"  Jonas Brothers 3:48
5. "One Man Show"  Jonas Brothers 3:08
6. "Lovebug"  Jonas Brothers 3:40
7. "Tonight"  Jonas Brothers, Greg Garbowsky 3:29
8. "Can't Have You"  Nick Jonas 4:28
9. "Video Girl"  Jonas Brothers 2:53
10. "Pushin' Me Away"  Jonas Brothers 3:03
11. "Sorry"  Jonas Brothers, John Fields 3:12
12. "Got Me Going Crazy"  Nick Jonas 2:35
13. "A Little Bit Longer"  Nick Jonas 3:25
14. "Hello Goodbye"  John Lennon,Paul McCartney 2:07
15. "Live To Party"  Jonas Brothers 2:58
16. "Infatuation"  Jonas Brothers  
  • CD
  1. When You Look Me In The Eyes (***)
  2. BB Good
  3. Burnin' Up
  4. Shelf
  5. One Man Show
  6. Lovebug
  7. Tonight
  8. Can't Have You
  9. Video Girl
  10. Pushin' Me Away
  11. Sorry
  12. Got Me Going Crazy
  13. A Little Bit Longer
  14. Hello Goodbye (***)
  15. Infatuation (***)
  16. Burnin' Up(Live) (***)
  17. Shelf(Live) (***)
  18. Pushin' Me Away(Live) (***)
  19. A Little Bit Longer(Live) (***)
  • DVD
  1. When You Look Me In The Eyes (MV)
  2. Burnin' Up (MV)
  3. Burnin' Up ("Making of the Video")
  4. Lovebug (MV)
  5. Lovebug ("Making of the Video")
  6. JB Special Message
  7. A Little Bit Longer : Album piece
  8. A Little Bit Longer : Clear Channel Stripped Performance
  9. Band In a Bus Trailer
  10. You Tube Video
    • (DJ Danger)
    • (Nick J Show)
    • (Taichi)
    • (Gibson Surprise Visit)
    • (Look Me In The Eyes Tour Makes History)
    • (Meet The Queen)

Exclusive DVDs

Target Exclusive DVD

The Target edition of A Little Bit Longer includes a DVD with the following:

Jonas Brothers Official Site Pre-order Bonus DVD

Fans that pre-ordered A Little Bit Longer online before its release received a DVD with the following:

  • Jonas Brothers' special message
  • A Little Bit Longer album piece
  • "A Little Bit Longer" (Acoustic Live Performance)
  • "Lovebug" (Acoustic Performance)
  • Band In a Bus trailer
  • Jonas Brothers YouTube videos
Canadian Deluxe Edition

The Canadian Deluxe Edition of A Little Bit Longer includes a DVD with the following:

  • Live @ Much :Jonas Brothers- A Much Music Special Presentation
  • A Little Bit Longer Album Piece
  • Band In A Bus Trailer
  • Jonas Brothers YouTube Videos;
    • DJ Danger
    • Nick J Show - Anger
    • Tai Chi
    • Nick J Show - Revenge
    • Gibson Surprise Visit
    • Look Me In The Eyes Makes History
    • Meet The Queen
  • Music Videos
    • Burnin' Up
    • Lovebug


Charts and certification

Chart (2008) Peak
Sales/Shipments Certification
Australian ARIA Albums Chart[13] 13[14] -
Chile[15] 1 15,000 Platinum
Irish Albums Chart 1[16] 7,500+ Gold[17]
Italy Albums Chart Top 20[18] 80,000+ Platinum[19]
Oricon Album Chart (Japan) 35
Colombian Albums Chart 1[20]
Mexican Albums Chart 1 100,000 Platinum[21]
New Zealand Albums Chart 11[22] 7,500[23] Gold[24]
Polish Album Chart 6 +10,000 Gold
Spanish Album Chart (Poland) 1 40,000 Gold[25]
Taiwan G-Music International Albums Chart 6[26] -
UK Album Chart 19 50,000
U.S. Billboard 200 1[27] +2,000,000 2xPlatinum

Release history

Country Date
United States August 12, 2008
Argentina August 21, 2008
Hong Kong August 26, 2008
United Kingdom September 29, 2008
Europe October 3, 2008
Philippines October 6, 2008
Australia October 11, 2008
New Zealand October 13, 2008
South Africa November 14, 2008
Taiwan November 14, 2008
Canada (Deluxe Edition) December 9, 2008
Japan January 14, 2009


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