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Bad Hair Day
Directed by Erick Canuel
Distributed by Disney Channel
Release date(s) February 13, 2015
Country United States
Language English
Bad Hair Day is a Disney Channel Orginal Movie starring Laura Marano & Leigh Allyn Baker. The first promo was shown during the season 3 finale of Austin & Ally. It is the first out of three movies to premiere in 2015.


High school tech whiz Monica Reeves (Laura Marano), is determined to become prom queen. But after mixing hair-care products while trying to create an online poll for the type of hairdo she should wear to the prom, she suddenly wakes up with her hair in a crispy, tangled mess, and to make matters worse, finds the dress and shoes she intended to wear ruined as well. A suspended police officer named Liz Morgan (Leigh-Allyn Baker) seeks an exceptionally valuable and stolen necklace that the teen somehow ends up possessing. Prom day goes from bad to worse as the pair is pursued by a dogged jewel thief named Pierce Peters (Christian Campbell) on a wild ride around the city.


  • Laura Marano as Monica Reeves, a teen tech-whiz and potential prom queen
  • Leigh-Allyn Baker as Liz Morgan, a "down-on-her-luck cop" who is tracking down a missing necklace.
  • Christian Campbell as Pierce Peters, a "dogged jewel thief".
  • Kiana Madeira as Sierra, Monica's best friend
  • Christian Paul as Ed, Liz's former partner
  • Alain Goulem as Monica's father
  • Jake Manley as Kyle Timmons, Monica's boyfriend.
  • Zoe De Grande Maison as Ashley Mendlebach, Monica's competition and arch enemy.


  • The movie premiered the day before Valentine's Day.
  • Liz's car is a 1991 Chevrolet Caprice.

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