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Cloud 9
Produced by Ashley Tisdale

Shawn White

Starring Dove Cameron

Luke Benward

Release date(s) January 17, 2014
Country United States
Language English
Cloud 9 is an upcoming 2014 American television film by Disney Channel Original Movie directed by Paul Hoen and written by Justin Ware, Don D. Scott and Katie Wech. It stars Luke Benward , Dove Cameron , Kiersey Clemons and Mike C. Manning. The film follows an exhilarating story set in the world of competitive snowboarding. The first promo aired on November 29, 2013 during the premiere of "Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas". It is scheduled to premiere on January 17, 2014.


A prima donna snowboarder, Kayla (Dove Cameron), is discourteously ejected from her team, forcing her to train with former snowboarding champion Will (Luke Benward), who struggles in the aftermath of his career-ending wipe-out and a viral video of the incident branding him as an "epic failure" on the internet, adding to his lowering confidence. While Kayla trains with Will to redeem her stature, Will makes a training course which challenges her commitment to rise to professional competition, as Kayla is tasked with trying to inspire him to overcome his biggest internal obstacle — doubt.


  • Kaylaprofilepic

    Kayla Morgan

    Dove Cameron as Kayla Morgan: Snowboarding diva who wants to prove she can be a serious competitor. With Will's help, she learns that nothing's impossible. 

  • Willprofilepic

    William Cloud

    Luke Benward as William Cloud: He was a teen snowboarding legend intill a epic fall during a competition. Now he is trying to build the courage to make a comeback.


  • Kiersey Clemons also plays Kira Starr in Disney Channel's Austin & Ally .
  • Dove Cameron is stars on Liv and Maddie as both of the twins.
  • This is Luke Benward's third time starring in a Disney Channel Original Movie, first Minutemen, then Girl v.s. Monster.
  • Luke also was on six episodes of Good Luck Charlie.
  • Dove and Luke did a duet together for the movie.
  • Both Luke and Dove are dating their co-stars from different projects. Luke is dating his Girl vs. Monster co-star Olivia Holt and Dove is dating her Liv and Maddie co-star, Ryan McCartan,


Cloud 9 Trailer - Disney Channel Official

Cloud 9 Trailer - Disney Channel Official


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