Disney Channel Games 2008 is the 2008 version of the annual Disney Channel Games, which took place in the summer of 2008.The Disney Channel Games had two extra hosts Cody Linley and Meaghan Jette Martin.

Unlike the previous two games, the 2008 edition of the games (2006 and 2007) only featured 5 events and online hosts. Dylan and Cole Sprouse missed the first episode as they "missed" the bus.

Concert Performances

Singer Songs When


Miley Cyrus "Breakout""Fly on the Wall""See You Again" Event #1

Commercials Unaired

Jonas Brothers "Burnin' Up""S.O.S." Event #2


Joe Jonas

Demi Lovato

"This is Me" Event #4
Jordan Pruitt "My Shoes""One Love" Event #3


Demi Lovato "That's How You Know""Get Back" Commercials

Event #4

The Cheetah Girls "Dance Me If You Can"

"One World" "Cheetah Love"

Event #5

Closing Ceremonies Commercials


Week Event[6] Description Air Date Winning team Winners club
1 Chariot of Champions The Disney Channel stars competing arrived at the stadium and were divided into 4 teams, Lighting, Cyclones, Comets and Inferno. They were sent to Team Headquarters. The First Challenge was the Chariot of Champions, where the four teams built a chariot and raced it to the finish. Miley Cyrus performed her new song "Breakout". July 27, 2008 Blue Team Hawaiian Luau
2 Hang Tight The stars lined up in their teams as Dylan and Cole Sprouse arrived and were put into their teams. While linked together, the teams must complete an obstacle course and other challenges. The Jonas Brothers perform songs from their upcoming album, "A Little Bit Longer". August 2, 2008 Yellow Team Game Room
3 Babyface-Off The teams compete in a challenge where they have to match their opponents to their baby pictures. The consequence of being wrong is making a splash in the dreaded dunk booth. August 9, 2008 Red Team Free Bling Tent
4 Foos It or Lose It The teams compete in a human foos ball match. August 16, 2008 Yellow Team Hip-Hop House Party
4.5 Tug of Four A four-way tug of war in which Dylan Sprouse and Joe Jonas from the Cyclones, Cole Sprouse and Kiely Williams from the Lightning, Kevin Jonas and Sabrina Bryan from the Comets and Adrienne Bailon and Nick Jonas from the Inferno compete for 5 extra points and a ride by the losing members in their chariot made in the first event. August 16, 2008 Green Team 5 extra points and a Chariot Ride
5 UltraMegaUltimateObstacular Relay! The teams face-off in the Ultra Mega Ultimate Obstac-tacular Relay Challenge, racing through the obstacles in a giant relay. The Cheetah Girls give a concert in the closing ceremonies. August 30, 2008 Red Team None


Team Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Total
Red (Inferno) 10 20 40 55 75 75
Blue (Lightning) 20 25 40 50 55 55
Green (Cyclones) 15 30 35 45* 55 55
Yellow (Comets) 5 25 35 55 70 70

MVP of the Week


Star Team
1 Brenda Song Inferno
2 Dylan Sprouse Cyclones
3 Selena Gomez Comets
4 Alyson Stoner Lightning
5 Nick Jonas Inferno

Mini Week 5 Awards

Star Team
Shin Koyamada Lightning
Rafa Baronesi Inferno
Moises Arias Comets

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