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{{DHeading|Next New Thing}}
{{DHeading|Next New Thing}}
[[File:GoodLuckCharlieSign.jpg|200px|left]] "Good Bye Charlie" Teddy has been having a hard time creating a final video diary for Charlie before she heads off to college.The series finale of Good Luck Charlie is here!
<div style="text-align: center">
<font size=3>'''[[Good Luck Charlie]] Series finale will premiere in...'''</font><br>
<span class="countdowndate" style="font-weight:bold;>February 16,2014 20:00:00 EST</span><span class="nocountdown"> Please enable javascript on your browser.</span><br/>
[[File:Win,_Lose,_or_Draw_Logo.png|200px|left]] Disney;s Win, Lose or Draw is a new game show where kids compete with celebrity contestants to try to win prizes by drawing out clues. The premiere date was finally announced.
<div style="text-align: center">
<font size=3>'''Win, Lose, Or Draw Season Premiere will premiere in...'''</font><br>
<span class="countdowndate" style="font-weight:bold;>March 3,2014 17:00:00 EST</span><span class="nocountdown"> Please enable javascript on your browser.</span><br/>

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Next on Disney Channel

Sunday, February 9

8:00pm - Liv and Maddie
"Move-A-Rooney"- The kids mistakenly believe they are moving.

8:30pm - I Didn't Do It
"The New Guy"- When the five pals realize their mistake in befriending the new guy in school, they search for ways to “break up” with him.

9:00pm - Austin & Ally
"Princesses & Prizes"- Austin agrees to be auctioned off on a date in order to help raise money for Ally’s charity.

About Disney Channel

Disney Channel is an American basic cable and satellite television network, owned by the Disney-ABC Television Group division of The Walt Disney Company. It is under the direction of Disney-ABC Television Group President Anne Sweeney. The channel's headquarters is located on West Alameda Ave. in Burbank, California. Disney Channel International Networks, currently run by President Carolina Lightcap, is a global portfolio of more than 90 kid-driven, family inclusive entertainment channels and/or channel feeds available in over 160 countries and 30 languages. The platform brands are Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Disney Cinemagic, Hungama TV and Radio Disney.

Did You Know That...
  • The only commericals shown on Disney Channel are for Disney shows, movies and sponsors?
  • Only Joe Jonas auditioned for Camp Rock, but Disney decided to let Nick and Kevin in, too?
  • Two new shows involving twins are coming to Disney Channel. Liv and Maddie which already premiered in July and I Didn't Do It which is previewing January 17, 2014?
  • They will be a DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie) called How To Build A Better Boy starring China Anne McClain and Kelli Berglund that will premiere in 2014?
  • Disney Channel is bring back a old game show called Win. Lose, or Draw which will be premiering late 2013?
  • Disney Channel now shows two Disney XD shows every Saturday night starting at 10PM?
  • Every Wednesday at midnight Disney Channel shows two old shows?
  • Zendaya and Spencer Boldman are going to star in the new DCOM movie Zapped premiering in 2014?
  • Jessie and Good Luck Charlie are the only current Disney Channel shows with the leading main character 18 or older (Jessie and Teddy)?
    • Suggest more fun facts here.
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Sonny With a Chance cast
Sonny With A Chance, is a Disney Channel original comedy series created by Steve Marmel which follows the experiences of fictional teenager Sonny Munroe, who becomes the new cast member of a live comedy show, So Random!.


Featured Song

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, is a original song from Disney's Cinderella which was covered by the 2006 edition of Disney's Circle of Stars. The song features lead vocals by Raven-Symoné, Anneliese van der Pol, Orlando Brown, Kyla Pratt, Brenda Song, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Ashley Tisdale, Amy Bruckner, Alyson Michalka and Ricky Ullman. Read more...
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Brenda Song
Brenda Song(born March 27, 1988) is an American actress, model, voice actor, host, and singer. Song started in show business as a child fashion model. After many commercials and television roles during the late 1990s, Song won a Young Artist Award for her work in The Ultimate Christmas Present (2000).


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Pumbaa-(The Lion King)
Pumbaa is from Disney Channel's Timon and Pumbaa. In the television series, he and Timon are once again the main characters, and are shown to travel a lot and had many adventures. Read more...

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Next New Thing
Descendents Poster

Ready for the movie of the year?

Jessie's Cameron Boyce and Liv and Maddie's Dove Cameron along with Sofia Carson and Boohoo Stewart star in the new Disney Channel Movie!

In a present day idyllic kingdom, the benevolent teenaged son of the King and Queen (Beast and Belle from Disney's iconic Beauty and the Beast) is poised to take the throne. His first proclamation: offer a chance of redemption to the trouble-making offspring of Cruella De Vil, Maleficent, The Evil Queen and Jafar, who have been imprisoned on a forbidden island with all the other villains, sidekicks, evil step-mothers and step-sisters.

These villainous descendants are allowed into the kingdom to attend prep school alongside the offspring of iconic Disney heroes. However, the evil teens face a dilemma: should they follow in their nefarious parents' footsteps and help all the villains regain power or embrace their innate goodness and save the kingdom?

Oh and after that is premiereof the Jessie spinoff, Bunk'D!

The movie premieres in...
July 31,2015 20:00:00 EST Please enable javascript on your browser.

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