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The Hannah Montana Album came out on October 24, 2006. It is the soundtrack for the Disney Channel Original Series, Hannah Montana. The first eight songs were sung by Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana, the next four are sung by different artists, and then the last and thirteenth one was done by Miley Cyrus and her father Billy Ray. The Album was the sixth best seller in 2006, which sold over 2 millon copies that year. The album has sold 3.5 million cpies in the US and over 4.5 million nationwide. The Album Debuted at # on the Billboard 200 and stayed there for two weeks.

Holiday Edition

A Holiday edition of the Hannah Montana Soundtrack was released on the iTunes Music Store on December 19, 2006. This version included the original songs, plus an exclusive Rockin' Arround the Christmas Tree song sing byu miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana. This song was performed by Miley in the Walt Disney World Crictmas Day Parade on Christmas Day, 2006.

Special Edition

A 2-disc special edition of the soundtrack was released on March 20, 2007. It was put in a holographic silver box including:

Track Listing

  1. The Best of Both Worlds
  2. Who Said
  3. Just Like You
  4. Pumpin' Up The Party
  5. If We Were a Movie
  6. I Got Nerve
  7. The Other Side of Me
  8. This Is the Life
  9. Pop Princess -The Click Five
  10. She's No You -Jesse McCartney
  11. Find Yourself in You -Everlife
  12. Shining Star -B5
  13. I Learned From You -Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus
  14. Rockin' Arround the Christmas Tree (Holiday Edition)
  15. Nobody's Perfect (Special Edition)

Disk 2 Dvd

  1. The Best of Both Worlds
  2. Who Said
  3. Just like You
  4. Pumpin' Up the Party
  5. The Other Side of Me