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Strap on those 3-D Glasses and "Make Some Noise"! You've seen 3-D images on the Big Screen! You've seen them on Disney Channel. And now, you're gonna see them on your computer. You can use any 3-D glasses (except for the Disney Digital ones). You can borrow them, or if you already have them. Disney Channel wiki is bringing you an exclusive article on the Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour in 3-D! 25 3-D images taken strieght from the movie. You'll never believe this untill you see it. Using computer Technology, Pirakafreak24 was able to take the pictures streight from the concert DVD in 3-D, upload them here, and now here they are! So, get those Glasses ready, because you are about to see the pictures.

The Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Concert in 3-D is available now in stores.


3-D glasses are not for Phisical Activity or outside Play. They are not to be used as Sunglasses.

How to make 3-D Glasses

Need 3-D glasses? Visit This website to learn how to make your own.


Don't have the supplies to make the 3-D glasses? Visit our 2-D article: Hannah and Miley Concert Pictures in 2-D. Coming Soon

Your Pic not here?

Is you're favorite Picture not here? Email Pirakafreak24, telling him what pic you want out of the Hannah and Miley Concert. Just be sure and tell him you're email, otherwise he won't know who to send it to.


If you save the picture file, with permission, you can print out the pictures from the movie and they still will be in 3-D. It has been tested, so there's no worry about worring if it won't work.


Put on those 3-D glasses NOW.

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