Gender Female
Family & Friends
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Harper Finkle is Alex's best friend, who crushes on Justin who she calls "her boyfriend". She enjoys making her own clothes, even if she's the only one who thinks they look great. She believes it's better to stand out as an individual rather than be the same as everyone else. At first, she didn't know of the Russo's knowing magic until Harper Knows when Alex finally told her because she felt guilty of not telling the truth to her best friend. This was also the first time Harper experienced the use of magic when Alex gives her a charmed costume with super powers.

Harper tends to wear weird clothing all the time. In Racing, she dresses up as a race car and says that "cars always yield the pedestrians", showing that she also acts like what she is dressing. Harper also tends to create 'homemade jewelry' as seen in Art Museum Piece, when she starts a booth selling her jewelry made of macaroni, glitter, and knobs from Alex's room. The appearance of these jewelry look as if they were trash, which was mistaken by many people. Other than herself, Mona Lisa was the only one who actually appreciated and loved Harper's jewelry.

Harper's family is not known as of the current episode.