He Could Be The One (episode)
Season 3, Episode 73
Air Date July 5, 2009
Previous Miley Hurt the Feelings of the Radio Star
Next Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana


In the one-hour event, Miley tries to work on a new Hannah Montana song, but doesn't really have the lyrics right. Jesse, the band's bad boy, tries to ask Hannah out, but she refuses. It's revealed that Miley is dating Jake Ryan again even after kissing and leaving her, loving her and leaving her, and pretending he's in love with Traci. But Robby Ray still hates him after threatening her that he'll tell her Hannah secret. Miley tries to persuade her dad to like him again, but he discovers that she was secretly dating Jake and said that the father-daughter relationship they shared was a mistake. Feeling hurt and ashamed, Miley tries to make her dad talk to her but fails. Then she thought that if she pretended to like Jesse Robby would stop hating Jake, but he found out and talked it out with Miley and agreed for her to date Jake again. Jesse understood to and helped her with her song and called it " He Could Be The One". Then she sings the song to Jake and he thought she wrote it for him, but Miley also develops a small crush on Jesse. She tries to control it but she just can't. Then while practicing, she said she really wants to kiss him. But Jake was behind her and said now she has to choose between him and Jesse. She watches a video about her mom saying that she should listen to her heart and it'll help her decide. But then she gets two calls from both Jesse and Jake saying that she can choose whoever she wants so she can be happy. Then a picture of Jesse lands in her lap, and when it lands she looks at it and feels dissapointment [So basicly her heart gives her a choice and she could take it or leave it]. She later tells Jesse she was choosing Jake instead and they lived happily ever after.

In a sub-plot, Jackson and Rico do different musical numbers in the episode.


Special Guest Star: Cody Linley