Dance the moves! Sing the songs! Real clips from the movie! This is the High School Musical 2 DVD Game! How well do YOU know High School Musical 2? Find out in this game! Contents:

  1. 1 DVD game disk
  2. 1 Game Board
  3. 6 Movers
  4. 1 Die

How to Play

To begin, each player pick a character and put that character on start. Next, roll the die, and whoever gets the highest number goes first. Place the DVD in the DVD player and select New Game. The Start is a Wildcat Place so the player can pick any of the four categories: Dance!, Who Said That?, Actual or SO Not?!, or Song. If the player completes the challenge, the player rolls the die and moves forward the appropriate number of spaces. That ends the turn and its the next player's turn. If a player fails the Challenge, that person has to stay on the original space and doesn't get to move forward. After that, each player must face a challenge that corresponds to the space he/she landed on. On the Wildcat Wildcard Spaces, you can pick any category that you like. If you are directed by the die roll that has two available players already, you must move ahead to the next available space. The start and Final Challenge spaces are exceptions to that rule. If you start your turn on the Final Challenge space, that player must select "Final Challenge" on the DVD and follow the directions onscreen. If the player wins the challenge, they win the game, if they lose, they must wait until thier next turn.