In a Heartbeat
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Format Teen dramedy
Created by Jon Felson
Steve Reiss
Patricia Green
Starring Shawn Ashmore
Reagan Pasternak
Danso Gordon
Christopher Ralph
Lauren Collins
Jackie Rosenbaum
Theme music composer Blaise Pascal
Opening theme "In a Hearbeat",
performed by Blaise Pascal
Country of origin Canada
United States
No. of episodes 20
Producer(s) Kevin Lafferty
Running time 60 min / USA:22 min
Original channel The Family Channel
Disney Channel
First aired 2000
Last aired 2001
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In a Heartbeat is a Disney Channel Original Series inspired by real life EMT squads whose staff consists of high school students located all over the country that premiered in 2000 and ran from 2000-2001.

The series follows the lives of several teenagers who volunteer as part-time EMTs while going to school and trying to maintain their lives as normal teenagers. In Canada, the series was aired on Family while in the U.S. it was aired on the Disney Channel. The series is based on Post 53, a real EMT emergency response program run by high school students in Darien, CT; one of the only organizations in the world to have high school students be first-response EMTs. This was the second Disney Channel Original Series not to reach 65 episodes.


The EMT squad is made up of Hank Beecham (Danso Gordon) who manages playing football with the high school team as well as being the EMT-Intermediate of the group, Val Lanier (Reagan Pasternak) who is noted for being a good student and cheerleader, Tyler Connell (Shawn Ashmore), a football player and Hank’s best friend, and Jamie Waite (Christopher Ralph), the newest member of the squad initially there not by his own choice but as a result of a new program to help troubled teens get their life together by becoming EMTs. Waite is seen as the rebel of the group.

Other regulars in the show are Brooke Lanier (Lauren Collins), Val’s twelve-year-old sister who volunteers with the squad after school and whose main job consists of managing the paperwork, and Caitie Roth (Jackie Rosenbaum), Val's best friend who is known for her dark clothes and purple-streaked hair. Caitie is also a good friend of Jamie’s.





Season 1

Episode # Original
Air Date
Episode Title
1 August 26, 2000 Pilot (1)
2 August 26, 2000 Pilot (2)
3 September 2, 2000 Things That Go Bump in the Night
4 September 9, 2000 The Adventures of Super Val
5 September 16, 2000 Changing Times
6 September 23, 2000 Cinderella Syndrome
7 September 30, 2000 Go Team
8 October 7, 2000 And the Winner Is
9 October 14, 2000 New Kid in Town
10 November 17, 2000 You Say It's Your Birthday
11 December 8, 2000 Four EMTs and a Kid
12 December 15, 2000 Friends Don't Let Friends...
13 February 4, 2001 Power to the Pathetic
14 February 11, 2001 Race of a Lifetime
15 February 18, 2001 Star Struck
16 February 25, 2001 Hero
17 March 4, 2001 The Boy's No Good
18 March 11, 2001 Be True to Your School
19 March 18, 2001 Read My Lips
20 March 25, 2001 Time's Up


The show received some criticism for some of its dramatic contents. It was pulled off the air after one year as Disney Channel began wanting to restructure its image, and come up with new shows to gain more of an audience.