James Timothy Possible is a brilliant rocket scientist. He is devoted to his work at the Middleton Space Center, and to his family. He's a very fatherly personality, hearkening back to father and scientist stereotypes of the 1950s. He is voiced by Gary Cole.

Physical Description

Gender: Male

Age: Around 40, based on the age of his children, and his attending college in the 80s.

Height: 1.3 KHU, approximately 6'(180 cm)

Weight: 160 lbs(45 kg) (estimated)

Build: Slightly overweight

Hair: Graying, cut short

Eyes: Brown

Ethnic Extraction: Caucasian-American, unknown European stock


Has a wife, name unrevealed; a daughter, Kim, whom he calls his "Kimmie-cub"; and his twin sons, Jim and Tim, named for him. His mother, Nana Possible lives in Florida. His father is most likely deceased. His brother, Slim Possible, lives on a ranch in Montana, along with his niece Joss. It is unclear whether Larry and his mother Aunt June are related to James or his wife.

Personal History

In college, Dr. Possible knew a young Drew Lipsky before he became the supervillain Dr. Drakken. It was the scornful laughter of James and his friends, Bob Chen and Ramesh that supposedly drove Drakken over the edge.

His married life is stable and loving, with no sign of conflict between himself and his family. He still thinks of Kim as a little girl sometimes, and is nervous to talk with her about the idea of boys and dating.


He has an overall friendly relationship with his colleagues from the Middleton Space Center, and his old college pals Chen and Ramesh.

Dr. Drakken still considers James an enemy, and James is all-too happy to call Drakken "Drew" to his face, just to spite him.

Talents and Skills

A brilliant scientist, if a bit inattentive at times, he's the leader of a team of researchers at the space center. When a problem falls in his area of expertise, he's a valuable asset to his daughter in her fight against evil.