The Jonas Brothers

In the band there are 3 brothers, Joe (Lead Singer), Nick (Background Singer and guitarist), Kevin (Guitarist). But they have a younger brother that is not part of the band; Frankie Jonas

Joseph Well Known As "Joe" Adams Jonas

Joseph, A.K.A Joe is the lead singer and the 2nd oldest son. He is the lead singer of the band. He is also seen in the movie Camp Rock with his brothers, Nick and Kevin.

Nicholas "Nick" Jerry Jonas

Nick is the background singer and the 2nd youngest son among all his brothers, he plays guitar with his brother,Kevin. He is the one with the curly hair. He is shy and quiet, But funny but another thing is he's the youngest Jonas Brother.

Paul Kevin Jonas II

[ He is the 2nd because he is Jr. ] Kevin, the oldest, he is named after his father, and the oldest among all his brothers, and plays guitar with his younger brother, Nick. Sometimes you can hear him as a background singer.

Franklin "Frankie" Nathanial Jonas

Frankie, the youngest of the Jonas Brothers. He was born September 28, 2000 in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Although he is not in the band, his brothers call him the "Bonus Jonas." He is also sometimes called "Frank The Tank" or "Frankie". Frankie does write songs and sings them with the help of his brothers. It is Frankie's dream to be in his brothers' band "Jonas Brothers".


It's About Time


"It's About Time" is the Jonas Brothers' debut album. It was released August 8, 2006 from Columbia Records and has since sold over 50,000 copies in the US. In 2007 the Jonas Brothers signed for Hollywood Records. The Album can be bought on eBay for up to $200 because it is out of print.


1. What I Go To School For

2. Time For Me To Fly

3. Year 3000

4. One Day at a Time

5. 6 Minutes

6. Mandy

7. You Just Don't Know It

8. I Am What I Am

9. Underdog

10. 7:05

11. Please be Mine

Jonas Brothers (the album)


Jonas Brothers is the Jonas Brothers' 2nd released album. It was released August 7, 2007 by Hollywood Records. Hold On was the album's first single, followed by S.O.S & then When You Look Me In the Eyes. after just a week out 69,000 copies were sold.


1. S.O.S

2. Hold On

3. Goodnight and Goodbye

4. That's Just The Way We Roll

5. Hello Beautiful

6. Still In Love With You

7. Australia

8. Games

9. When You Look Me In The Eyes

10. Inseperable

11. Just Friends

12. Hollywood

13. Year 3000

14. Kids Of The Future

15. Take a Breath

16. We Got the Party (Featuring Hannah Montana A.K.A Miley Cyrus)

A Little Bit Longer

A little bit longer is the Jonas Brothers' Latest album it is set to be released on August 12, 2008. It is the 3rd album to be released by them and is there 2nd with Hollywood Records. The album's 1st single is Burnin' Up it was released on radio on June 20, 2008, The music video premiered the same day on Disney Channel. There are 12 tracks on the album and Timbaland announced he worked on the album with them.


1. BB Good

2. Burnin' Up feat. Big Rob

3. Shelf

4. One Man Show

5. Love Bug

6. Tonight

7. Can't Have You

8. Video Girl

9. Pushin' Me Away

10. Sorry

11. Let Me Down

12. A Little Bit Longer

New Songs: Lovebug

Jonas Brothers Movie Appearances

Camp Rockwas one of those movies that Jonas Brothers appeared on. It is about a band that was formed in Camp Rock. The 3 brothers are called Connect 3. They are a "Camp Rock Legend" Jonas Brothers 3-D is a new movie that was shown February 27,2009. It is an all new experience.