The following is a list of episodes of the Disney Channel original series, Girl Meets World. Girl Meets World is an American television sitcom that will air on Disney Channel sometime in 2014. The series is a sequel to ABC's TGIF block sitcom Boy Meets World, that aired from September 24, 1993 to May 5, 2000. Like its predecessor, Girl Meets World is a coming of age story, starring Riley Matthews (portrayed by Rowan Blanchard) navigating through the challenges of life from the seventh grade, along with her best friend Maya Hart (portrayed by Sabrina Carpenter).

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
  1 21[1] June 27, 2014[2] March 27, 2015
2 30 May 11, 2015 March 11, 2016
3 21 June 3, 2016 January 20, 2017

Series 1: 2014–15

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
1 1 "Girl Meets Boy" June 27, 2014[3] 101
Riley joins a homework rebellion in an attempt to be more like Maya, but it quickly leads to a rift between father and daughter.
2 2 "Girl Meets Friendship" July 11, 2014 102
Riley and Maya think back on the past and how they became best friends, realizing that they are the best of friends. Meanwhile, Cory and Topanga are getting notes from Auggie's teacher saying that he's been bad at school.
3 3 "Girl Meets Sneak Attack" July 18, 2014 104
To be added.
4 4 "Girl Meets Father" July 25, 2014 106
To be added.
5 5 "Girl Meets School" 2014 103
To be added.
6 6 "Girl Meets Brother" 2014 105
Cory and Topanga teach Riley the importance of responsibility, leaving her home to look after her little brother while they go out to celebrate their anniversary.
7 7 "Girl Meets Crazy Hat" 2014 107
To be added.
8 8 "Girl Meets World of Terror" 2014 108
To be added.
9 9 "TBA" 2014 109
To be added.
10 10 "Girl Meets Farkle's Choice" 2014 110
Farkle has to choose between Riley and Maya as dates to an awards ceremony that he attends annually. At first neither of the two are interested in attending the event since neither of them like him the way he likes them, but after showing the girls how great of a guy he is the two end up fighting over who gets to be his date. Meanwhile, Topanga, Cory, and Auggie have a book club with Auggie's girlfriend, Ava.
11 11 "Girl Meets Peer Pressure" 2014 111
To be added.
12 12 "Girl Meets Maya's Mother" 2014 112
To be added
13 13 "Girl Meets Home for the Holidays" December 2014 113
Cory is excited because Shawn is finally coming to visit. He has a "Cory and Shawn foreva" ornament that he hangs over his wedding ornament. Topanga is worried that Amy will criticize her, and Cory says it's going to be "hideous." Maya doesn’t believe that Shawn exists because she never sees him. Riley says it's because Shawn does not like her very much. Cory's parents are the first to arrive at the apartment. Cory is disappointed that it's not Shawn and Topanga can hear Amy being critical about Topanga throwing the holiday party.
14 14 "Girl Meets Date" 2015 114
To be added.
15 15 "TBA" 2015 115
To be added.
16 16 "Girl Meets Flaws" 2015 116
Farkle skips out on class after another student tells him he is weird and a "nothing." Riley, Maya, and Lucas then go around trying to figure out who said that and why.
17 17 "Girl Meets Game Night" 2015 117
Cory being excited because it's family game night, which is his favorite night of the month. However, Cory's upset about Riley's friends being there and wants to send them out, but he think's that will push Riley away.
18 18 "TBA" 2015 118
To be added.
19 19 "TBA" 2015 119
"To be added".
20 20 "TBA" 2015 120
To be added.
21 21 "Girl Meets Rebellion" 2015 121
To be added.
? ? "Girl Meets Makeup" 2015 1xx
Riley wants to wear makeup for the first time to the school dance on Friday. Unfortunately, the school dance just so happens to be on the same day that Cory and Riley have their traditional father-daughter ride of the Cyclone on the last day of Coney Island season. Meanwhile, Mr. Matthews fails Maya on her test of Charles Darwin.
? ? "Girl Meets Popular" 2015 1xx
Riley becomes the queen of the nerdy group and enjoys it until she learns to be herself. Meanwhile, Topanga is conflicted about her law firm working to shut down a local mom and pop bakery. Her old self comes back and reminds her to do the right thing.

Series 2 : 2015–16

Series 3: 2016–17