This is a list of episodes of the Disney Channel reality series Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream.


# Title Narrated by Original Airdate
1 "To-Do List (Pilot)" May 16, 2009
Kevin, Joe, and Nick show fans how they prepare to leave home on a concert tour with brother Frankie and parents Kevin Sr. and Denise.
2 "The Big Game" May 23, 2009
Kevin, Joe, and Nick check out their new concert stage and begin rehearsal for the tour's launch, a concert in Tucson, Arizona.
3 "Downtime: Jonas Style" May 30, 2009
The brothers try indoor sky diving with their 7-year-old brother Franklin 'Frankie' in Las Vegas, Nevada.
4 "Our Fans Rock" June 6, 2009
The brothers meet fans and give them a special surprise concert in Tucson, Arizona.
5 "Driver's Ed" June 13, 2008
While on a concert stop in Salt Lake City, Utah, Joe takes driver's training class, accompanied by brothers Kevin,and Nick.
6 "Our Mom And Dad" June 27, 2009
Viewers get a glimpse into how the Jonas Brothers' parents, Kevin Sr. and Denise, keep their sons' feet on the ground.
7 "Hello Hollywood" July 4, 2009
Kevin, Joe, and Nick play a concert in Hollywood, attended by their friends, and hang out at a post-concert party.
8 "Health Kick" July 11, 2009
Viewers see how the Jonas Brothers stay strong and healthy by eating healthy and working out.
9 "We Are Family" July 18, 2009
Viewers get a look at the brothers' extended family.
10 "School Rocks" July 25, 2009
Nick keeps up with his high school classes and goes on a field trip to a Titanic museum in between being in the band.
11 "Musical Scrapbook" August 1, 2009
The brothers take viewers through their creative process for songwriting, and how they get ideas for their songs.
12 "Nothing's Gonna Slow Me Down" August 8, 2009
Nick explains how he manages his diabetes while on the road.
13 "Rock Star In Training" August 15, 2009
Frankie "Bonus Jonas" or "Frank the Tank" hangs out with his brothers.
14 "We're the Boss" August 29, 2009
Kevin, Joe, and Nick show how they are fully engaged with the band, and are seen as they write songs, perform, make decisions associated with their tour, and update their fan website.
15 "Dream On (Series Finale)" September 5, 2009
Kevin, Joe,and Nick finish their tour in their home state of New Jersey.