Marti Venturi
Gender Female
Age 14 or 15
Birthday unknown
Hometown Canada
Profession N/A
Family & Friends
Parents Father, Mother


Siblings Derek, Edwin


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Friends Daphne (imaginary)
Frenemies N/A
Enemies evil monster
Pet(s) N/A
Production Information
First appearance The Room
Portrayed by Ariel Waller

Martina 'Marti' Venturi is a character from Life with Derek, played by Canadian actress Ariel Waller. Life with Derek is a Canadian-produced show, which airs on Disney Channel weekends in the U.S., and the Family Channel in Canada.

Character description

Marti Venturi is a fictional character of Life with Derek played by Ariel Waller.

Marti Venturi is Derek and Edwin's six-year old sister, and Casey and Lizzie's new stepsister. Her father is George Venturi and her stepmother is Nora MacDonald. Her birth mother's name is Abby.

Unlike most other members of the family, Marti enjoys a nice relationship with Derek, affectionately referring to him as Smerek, with him using the nicknames Smarti, and Marti the Munchkin (or the Monster, in a loving way) for her. Even still, she is not so easily swayed as Edwin to Derek's bidding, occasionally telling on him for one of his pranks, though without meaning to. She also seems to like Casey in one or more episodes much to Derek's dismay. Her advice consists of suggestions like "you need to eat more spaghetti!"

Marti most of the time lives in her fictional world. for example, she is shown in frequent episodes pretending to be a cat, with comments such as "Cats don't eat eggs, or "Cats don't eat at the table." " On one episode "the wedding" she is obsessed with purple and will only dress and eat purple things. On other episodes she randomly dresses up: Middle Manic- At the end she is a bunny, or in another she is a kitty or a potion maker.

In "Adios Derek" we see that Marti is actually the only one that will truly miss Derek if he were to leave.

It is known that Marti has an imaginary friend named Daphne.

Marti is the only one of the Venturis who isn't afraid of mice.

Like the rest of the Venturi's Marti also has the "prankster gene"; she did her first prank in "Prank wars". And there is also an episode when she acts "cute" to handle her dad and make him say yes to whatever she wanted, until she decides its time to grow up.