Max Russo is the youngest of Terrisa Russo and Jerry Russo. He has an intelegant older brother Justin Russo, and a fashionable older sister, Alex Russo. They live in Waverly Place, just above Waverly Substation where all three kids work.

It is unknown if Max has lived in Waverly Place his whole life but it is known that he has Latino heritage from his mother's side. His mother often tries to get the kids to learn about their Latino heritage. From his father's side he inherited his wizarding skills. It is likely that he is also half Italian from his father, due to the last name Russo and the fact that Alex has stated that they are only half Latino.

Max is known to play soccer, since Justin practiced kissing his soccer ball. He also likes to make sandwiches (useful). He even made a sandwich called To The Max.

Max is a witty, cheeky boy, when covering for his sister he manages to get sneakers off of her for it as seen is The Crazy Ten Minute Sale. He is quite smart and always tries to "bend situations to his benefit"; when his sister was in trouble he used the opportunity to tell his dad that he broke his wand. He did not get in much trouble as his dad was busy with his sister.

He also apperantly likes Nintendo, as he is seen with a Nintendo DS.

Powers and Abilities

Max is a fun wizard and sometimes uses magic irresponsibly but on the whole he prefers to cause havoc without magic. He is quite mischievous and quick to use magic in a situation, like his sister, and it often leads to disaster. However in the end he makes things right with his abilities and help from his siblings. It is unknown if Max is capable of using magic without an aid such as a wand. So far, the only spell we have seen him use is "Comakus Pancakus" when he was trapped on Mars. In the episode Potion Commotion he gets his full powers. He has to wear a hat for days until his powers were in control. In that episode he also uses the spell "Levitatus Liquidatus" to make a can of liquid float, even though it does not work. It is also shown in previous episodes that he is behind in learning spells while his siblings are way ahead. For example in episode, Potion Commotion, he is learning wizard training exercise #5 while Justin and Alex are learning lesson #372.