Miracle in Lane 2
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Directed by Greg Beeman
Produced by Greg Beeman
Christopher Morgan
Written by Joel Kauffmann and

Donald C. Yost

Starring Frankie Muniz
Rick Rossovich
Molly Hagan
Patrick Levis
Roger Aaron Brown
Tuc Watkins
Music by Phil Marshall
Cinematography William Wages
Editing by Terry Stokes
Distributed by Disney
Release date(s) May 13, 2000 (USA)
Running time 120 min.
Country United States
Language English
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Miracle in Lane 2 is a 2000 Disney Channel Original Movie starring Frankie Muniz, Rick Rossovich, Molly Hagan, and Patrick Levis.

Plot summary

Muniz stars in the movie that was inspired by the real-life Justin Yoder. Justin is a child with Spina Bifida that uses a wheelchair. He lives with his parents and older brother Seth (Patrick Levis). With his disability, Justin feels he is unable to accomplish anything that would make him feel special.

Later, Justin discovers a soapbox car in his neighbor's garage. With his neighbor's help, he builds a soapbox car of his own and enters it in the local contest. Justin wins and a passion is sparked to continue the activity. Justin's older brother is jealous and upset that their parents spend more time and energy on Justin rather than on the two brothers equally.

Justin is also helped by God, who in the film takes the form of a professional race car driver, Bobby Wade. When Justin needs to have yet another shunt revision, the family has to decide whether the soapbox competition is worth the potential damage to Justin's health. Seth has a change of heart about his brother after the operation. The end of the movie shows Justin asking God if people are perfect when they go to Heaven, and God shows him a Heaven where there are people both with and without wheelchairs, all together. The ending credits of the movie show the real Justin Yoder in photographs and home movies with a brief epilogue.




  • Directors Guild of America, 2001: DGA Award, Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Children's Programs

Greg Beeman (director), Christopher Morgan (unit production manager) (plaque), Lisa C. Satriano (first assistant director) (plaque), Nick Satriano (second assistant director) (plaque)

  • Humanitas Prize, 2001 - Children's Live-Action Category, Joel Kauffmann, Donald C. Yost
  • Young Artist Awards, 2001 - Young Artist Award Best Performance in a TV Movie (Drama), Supporting Young Actor, Patrick Levis


  • Writers Guild of America, 2001 - WGA Award (TV) Children's Script, Joel Kauffmann, Donald C. Yost
  • Young Artist Award - Best Family TV Movie/Pilot/Mini-Series - Cable
  • Young Artist Award - Best Performance in a TV Movie (Drama), Leading Young Actor, Frankie Muniz

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