Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire

Plot Summary

The Hansen kids are in a jam. Adam (Matt O'Leary) and his best friend Duffy (Jake Epstein) have gotten their hands on some tickets for the Headless Horseman concert, and his sister Chelsea (Laura Vandervoort) has a date with her dreamy boyfriend Peter. The only problem is, they are both grounded: Adam as punishment because he didn't do his homework, instead making up a story using an article from the magazine The Weekly Secret, and Chelsea because she smarted off by calling Adam a dweeb, which their divorced mom Lynette (Caroline Rhea) happened to hear.

Chelsea and Adam will do whatever it takes to get their mom out of the house, even if it includes meeting with a very mysterious man. Everything seems to go according to plan, until their little brother Taylor (Myles Jeffrey) realizes that this stranger might be a vampire.

His brother and sister don't believe Taylor, so he calls Malachi Van Helsing (Robert Carradine), the vampire hunter. The night that Lynette goes out with Dimitri (Charles Shaughnessy), Taylor follows them. Not wanting their mom to come home, they follow Taylor and find him outside the restaurant that she and Dimitri are at. Adam and Taylor make Dimitri do the spoon test (a fake test made up by Adam to get Taylor to stop calling him a vampire). Afterwards, Adam discovers he truly is a vampire (as he looked in the mirror and noticed that he didn't have a reflection). So, along with Chelsea, he sets out to stop him, who puts their mom in a trance and takes her to his mansion. Meanwhile, Malachi Van Helsing arrives and begins to hunt him down, only to discover that he was being followed by Taylor, who (after learning the spoon test was made up by Adam) also sets out to save his mom from Dimitri.

In the end Taylor becomes Van Helsing's partner and they arrive to do battle with Dimitri, who has Lynette in a trance. But even together Taylor, Adam, Chelsea, and Van Helsing are unable to defeat him. He goes to bite a powerless Adam, but he and Chelsea call out to Lynette, breaking her trance (as only true love for someone can break a vampire's trance), and she throws him into his coffin. Van Helsing seals it with silver-plated nails and explains that he plans to send it to a place where it's always sunny.

Shortly after Dimitri is sealed up, Van Helsing asks their mother out on a "date," after which Adam, Chelsea and Taylor, believing they've heard the word "date" enough for one night, try to convince her to stay single -- which is when she makes a confession consisting of, "I date...just not vampires". Then, finally, they all decide to go back to the Hansen house for breakfast as the sun is finally rising.