Quints is a 2000 Disney Channel Original Movie starring Kimberly J. Brown as the older sister of a set of quintuplets.


Jamie Grover (Kimberly J. Brown) is an only child who resents the constant attention her parents give her. Her wish for less attention is finally granted when her mother becomes pregnant. However, her mother gives birth to quintuplets and Jamie's life changes dramatically and she begins to resent her new siblings. She also discovers she might not want the same things for herself that her parents want for her. Because of the demands of having five babies in the house, her parents focus all of their attention on the quints, Adam, Becky, Charlie, Debbie, and Eddie. When Adam becomes terribly ill, Jamie discovers that she really doesn't mind the babies and that she does have the courage to let her parents know she has dreams of her own.

Throughout the movie, Jamie attempts to fool the audience. She addresses the audience, makes an absurd statement, then usually laughs and says that it is untrue. She explains this by stating that she is just making sure that people are paying attention.


Kimberly J. Brown - Jamie Grover

Dan Roebuck - Jim Grover

Elizabeth Morehead - Nancy Grover

Shadia Simmons - Zoe Jake Epstein - Brad

Robin Duke - Fiona Don Knotts - Governor

Vincent Corazza - Albert

Faith Wall - Janice

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