Rip Girls
Rip Girls film
Rip Girls promotional advertisement
Directed by Joyce Chopra
Produced by Steve McGlothen
Written by Jeanne Rosenberg
Stu Krieger
Starring Camilla Belle
Music by Phil Marshall
Distributed by Disney Channel
Release date(s) April 22,2000
Running time 87 minutes
Language English
Rip Girls is a 2000 Disney Channel Original Movie starring Camilla Belle. This movie is about a teen-age girl and her father who come to an island on Hawaii, they find a closer relationship to each other and think about changing the island. During her adventures, Sydney finds friends, a new hobby with her fantastic photography, and the truth about her mother.


The movie was filmed in Queensland, Australia.


Sydney Miller, a 13 year old girl who revisits her homeland of Hawaii, discovers her own inner strength through surfing and other island riches. During her time in Hawaii, she finds out why her father made her come back: she has inherited a large portion of the land of the Island that was thought to be "Public Domain." A hotel chain wants to buy the land and close off the beaches to surfers. As Sydney learns more about her mother, and her past, she sees the beauty of the island and realizes cannot sell the land. When she learns the truth about her new friends and after having a huge fight with her friend, Sydney threatens to sell the land. When she is about to sign, she sees her "friends" and realizes she can't sell the land.


  • Camilla Belle - Sydney Miller
  • Dwier Brown - Ben Miller

Stacie Hess - Gia

  • Brian Stark - Kona
  • Jeanne Mori - Malia

Lauren Sinclair - Elizabeth

  • Miller

Keone Young - Bo

  • Kanoa Chung - Kai
  • Meleana White - Mele

Joy Magelssen - Lanea

Varoa Tiki - Hawaiian Grandmother

Rory Togo - Willie

  • Albert Belz - James
  • Jane Hall - Arlene


In 2001 Camilla Belle and Stacie Hess were nominated for a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Movie (Drama), Leading Young Actress and Supporting Young Actress respectively.