Rufus is a naked mole-rat, the pet and friend of Ron Stoppable. He lives almost full-time in Ron's pocket, and accompanies him everywhere. He is exceptionally intelligent for an animal, but average by human standards, and is capable of limited speech. He is voiced by Nancy Cartwright.

Physical Description

Gender: Male

Age: 2 as of Season 1, 4 as of Season 4 (estimated, based on his appearance as a newborn in A Sitch in Time).

Height: .20 KHU, approximately 1 foot(30 cm), standing on his hind legs. Tail adds about 4 inches to his length.

Weight: ~4 lbs(1.8 kg) (estimated; Rufus is larger than a real-world example of his species)

Build: Rodent-like, slightly rotund.

Hair: None, except whiskers

Eyes: Black

Skin: Pink

Ethnic Extraction: Heterocephalus Glaber, the common naked mole-rat.

Talents and Skills

Electronics and mechanical tampering. Stealth intrusion, aided by his small size. Powerful teeth for digging, can cut concrete, some metal, rope. Extensive video gaming skills.


He is the pet and friend of Ron Stoppable, and the ally and friend of Kim Possible and in general is friendly with everyone he meets. He was bought by Ron at Smarty Mart, during Ron's quest for a pet which would not aggravate his father's allergies to fur.


Rufus appears in every episode of the series.