The Crazy 10 Minute Sale
Season 1, Episode 1
Air Date October 12, 2007
Writer Todd J. Greenwald
Director Fred Savage
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Alex duplicates herself so she can be in magic class and at a sale at the same time. Meanwhile, Jerry gives Max his first wand


This is the "Season Premire" of Wizards of Waverly Place Alex wants to go the Crazy 10-Minute Sale at Suburban Outfitters, but Jerry bans her from going because they have a Wizard lesson. Alex, at first, is only sad that she can't go. But after being challenged by school rival Gigi Hollingsworth, Alex decides to duplicate herself with Edgebono Utoosis in order to go the the Crazy 10-Minute Sale. All goes well until Alex's mom turns up at Suburban Outfitters.

Though Harper tries to stop Theresa from seeing Alex, Jerry finds out that Alex snuck out and duplicated herself when the duplicated Alex did not move when Jerry decided to let her go to the sale as a reward for obeying. In the end, an old woman accidentally spilled juice on the front of Gigi's pants so Alex was able to embarrass Gigi and told everyone her real name is Gertrude. But Alex eventually ended up grounded.


  • Though this was the first episode aired in the US, it was the forth aired in the UK.
  • The spell used in this episode is "Edgebono Utoosis"
  • The spell "Edgebono Utoosis" is clearly a reference to Bono, and U2.
  • This episode was available for free download on iTunes October 5, 2007, but was quickly changed to a paying download several days later.
  • Suburban Outfitters is a parody of Urban Outfitters.
  • The phone Alex appears to be texting on is the Hiptop 2.
  • Max had a Wii Wand which looked and acted like a Wii Remote.



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