The Parent Trap: Hawaiian Honeymoon

The Parent Trap IV: Hawaiian Honeymoon (also known as Parent Trap: Hawaiian Honeymoon) is a 1989 American made-for-television film sequel to The Parent Trap III (1989) and is the fourth and final installment in The Parent Trap series. It originally aired in two parts on The Magical World of Disney on November 19 and 26, 1989.

Hayley Mills reprises her role as Susan Wyatt and Sharon Grand; also returning from The Parent Trap III is Barry Bostwick and the Creel triplets: Joy, Leanna, and Monica. Mollie Miller reunited with the cast to direct this film from the third one. This film was released only seven months after the previous sequel.


After inheriting a family resort in Hawaii, Susan (Mills) and Jeffrey Wyatt (Bostwick) decide this is the place to stay at their honeymoon. They both head for Hawaii with their triplets, Lisa, Jessie, and Megan Wyatt with Sharon Grand (Mills), Susan's twin sister.

They find the resort in such a run-down condition, that they decide to repair it and sell it. The triplets, spending most of their time at the beach begin meeting boys while Susan and Jeffrey repair the resort. Jeffrey meets an old high school rival, Ray, who promises to keep the resort as it is if Jeffrey will sell it to him. He has other plans in mind, however, and they are not limited merely to Jeffrey's resort.


Hayley Mills as Susan Evers-Wyatt/Sharon McKendrick-Grand

Barry Bostwick as Jeffrey Wyatt

Leanna Creel as Lisa Wyatt

Monica Creel as Jessie Wyatt

Joy Creel as Megan Wyatt

John M. Jackson as Ray

Sasha Mitchell as Jack

Lightfield Lewis as Tim Harris

Jayne Meadows as Charlotte Brink

Joe Mays as Ben Milton

Wayne Federman as Delivery Man


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