The Poof Point is a Disney Channel Original Movie, based on the children's novel "The Poof Point" by Ellen Weiss, M. Friedman. This was the first time Mark Curry and Dawnn Lewis worked together since the First Season of Hangin' With Mr. Cooper.


Two scientists invent an anti-aging machine. On one of their test runs, a part of the machine falls out, causing it to not be able to turn on. The dog messes with the controls as they go inside of the machine to fix it. The dog turns it on causing the scientists to anti-age instead of the test subjects. Nothing happens at first and they leave the room. As the day progresses, their children Eddie (Tahj Mowry) and Marie (Raquel Lee) notice that their parents minds seem to become less-advanced and more childlike and their clothes change to things younger people would wear such as pigtails, overalls, striped shirts, etc. They realize it is the effects of the anti-aging machine and now they have to get their parents back into the machine and reverse the effects so they don't go out of existence, but there is a problem. Their parents keep making messes, running off, and doing everything they can to cause trouble and not go into the machine to age. The children get them into the machine right on the verge of poofing away and save their lives.


Tahj Mowry - Edison Newton "Eddie" Ballard Raquel Lee - Marie Curie Ballard Mark Curry - Norton Ballard Dawnn Lewis - Marigold Ballard Jan Felt - Corky Haley McCormick - Lizzie Karl Wilson - Mr. Paul Laura Summer - Computer Voice Ryan Seaman - Guitarist of band in movie Peter Van Dyke - Edison's Double