• Hi Tatertot. Sorry for the late response. I approved your request, and I'm here to help.

    Link me to a page where the infobox issue is happening, and I'll see if I can figure out what the problem is.

    For the background, you said that you had an idea, so please share with me any details you have, and I'll be happy to help make a new background.

    As for importing a poll, does the poll already exist on another website? If so, the only way it could be embedded here is if the site provides the necessary code (HTML). If it does, link me to the page, and I'll use the HTML to embed the poll.

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    • Its totally cool! 

      So one, its happening especially with Infobox television... it shows numbers next to the text and then it cuts out half of the pages work. (for example:Austin & Ally) I have discovered some of the issues but I can't find the root.

      Two, the background I want to do is like a summer photo theme. I have made several polarid edits of the various shows and movies this summer and will make about 5 more with various actors and throwback shows. Below are some examples of them...

      TB2 Polar
      GMW Polar
      They are all transparent for easy attachment to the background which I see being like a beach sort of thing (light blue with light brown & yellow) To go with the Coolest Summer Ever theme I decided for the wiki.

      Three, there is an exterior website I use to make them (for safe and fair purposes) but I have yet to make the polls since Im still deciding catergories, nominees and promotion. I was hoping for maybe like a quick rundown of how to do them so I don't have bother you guys again if I do this later in the year.

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    • Infobox issues

      The reason that some parts are not appearing is because the parameter names used on the article do not match the infobox template's parameter names. For example, the Autin & Ally page uses | creator = Kevin Kopelow<br />Heath Seifert, but the name of the parameter used on the template is {{{created by}}}. Since those don't match, nothing is displayed. Unfortunately, most of the parameters seen on the Autin & Ally page do not match the "correct" parameters of the template. If most of the pages that are using this infobox have the same (incorrect) parameter names as those on the example, which seems to be the case, then the best thing to do would be to rename the parameters on the template itself to match the parameter names on the articles. In other words, edit Template:Infobox television to change {{{created by}}} to {{{creator}}} and so on.

      Also, the reason that 1 or 0 appears on the page is due to the incorrect use of the #expr: parser function, which appears 3 times. Neither of those (failed) uses of #expr: are needed, so basically, the infobox template needs to be redesigned.

      If you'd like me to handle that, let me know and I will.


      Sounds good. Just let me know when all of the photos are ready, and in which order/arrangement you want them to appear on the background, and I'll get to work then.


      After you've created the polls on the external website, and the website gives you code for embedding, just follow these two easy steps:

      1. Create a new page with the name MediaWiki:_____ and fill in the blank with whatever word you want; for example, MediaWiki:Poll1. Copy/paste the HTML embed code the website gives you and save the page.

      2. Insert <verbatim>Poll1</verbatim> (or whatever name you chose) on the page where you want the poll to appear.

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    • Thank you so much in advance by the way for the help! :)

      Okay,so I would appearicate the redesign of it because its has it problems over the years for me. And I will definetely finish the photos by Sunday so you can get started on the background and I will explain the exact layout and stuff then.

      And the polls bit really appearicate since Im planning on an event this summer for them.

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    • I edited the infobox template, so everything should be fixed. I checked several pages, and they all looked good, but let me know if you see anything wrong.

      I will definetely finish the photos by Sunday so you can get started on the background and I will explain the exact layout and stuff then.

      Sounds good. :)

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    • That works! Thanks so much!

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    • Here are the photos.  I would like half on one side and half on the other.. The pictures are equally seperated in tilt again some go left and some go right, so I will appearicate it alternating on either sides and downward. My only thing is that there is one movie polar on each side (Teen Beach 2 & Descendents) and that Jessie and Bunk'd are on different sides. 

      And the background...can it be like a beach background. And maybe music notes? Around the the background? 

      Im so sorry if this is too much.. I can tone it down a bit.

      GMW Polar
      A&amp;A Polar

      (Not in this order though, I just posted them like this)

      TB2 Polar
      Jessie Polar

      Descend Polar
      IDDI Polar

      BFW Polar
      KC Undercover Polar

      DWAB Polar
      Bunk&#039;d Polar
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    • Those images look very good! Take a look at this preview showing a possible new background. I slightly darkened the beach background so that the photos would easily be what your eyes focus on.

      The screenshot is from my monitor, which is rather large, but I wanted to keep the photos small enough to be seen on laptop screens (1366px wide and 1440px wide). As you can see, the photos take up almost all of the visible space on the sides (unless the viewer has a large screen like me), so I didn't add any musical notes. If you really want them, let me know. I could put them outside the photos (the far left and right sides), but then only people with a large screen would see it.

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    • This looks so amazing! And thank you on the images compliment. I like how they are aligned. And the music notes can stay out of it. My thing is that 1.can I see the preview with the beach so I can have an comparsion and two would you mind just putting the polaroids on a christmas and fall background so I dont have to bother you guys with background again for

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    • I'm glad you like the background. I just uploaded it using the theme designer and unchecked the box that says "fix" to let the background image scroll with the page, so that people with smaller screens can see all of the photos.

      Please give me any details you have for Christmas and Fall backgrounds, and I'll get started on those soon. (I'm taking off work Wednesday and Thursday, then working Friday, then off for the weekend as usual.)

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    • I guess...I just put it down now... fall maybe like a big pile of leaves in the background and for Christmas a bunch of snowflakes.

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    • Here are the two other seasonal background images and the background color codes:

      Let me know if you want me to change anything.

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    • These look amazing! Thank you! One more does this summer background look with no blue and just the beach...

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    • Well, the background image needs to fade into some color so that there is no visible, hard edge on the background. If you want to try a different color, pick one and I'll redo the background image to fade to that color.

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    • Ahh...I see. Can we try aqua instead of dark blue.

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    • To be sure that I use exactly the color that you want, please go here and choose the color you want. Then copy-paste the color code here, and I'll be happy to update the background.

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    • The background has been updated. If you don't see it, purge your browser using Ctrl+F5 (or Cmd+F5 if you're on a Mac).

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    • First thing...I have an Chromebook so I have no function buttons...

      I thought it was gonna be in the background with the beach but its connected to it instead...Im confused.

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    • I changed the theme's background color from dark blue to the color you provided, and updated the gradients (fade) on the background image to match the new color. I hope that clarifies it.

      If you want to go back to dark blue, let me know.

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    • A FANDOM user
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