• Okay guys! So tomorrow is it! The highly anticipated Teen Beach 2 is here! And we can't be more excited! So here's the deal! We gonna tell ya right here what to expect!

    KC Undercover Polar

    Before TB2, catch a new episode of K.C. Undercover! KC is protecting a White House daughter! Oh....but the daughter is a wild child, lets see how that works out!

    TB2 Polar

    Next up, the event you have been waiting for... TEEN BEACH 2! Mack and Brady played by Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell are back in their world, but will things get complicated when their 60s movie friends come into their world this time?

    BFW Polar

    Last and not least it's Best Friends Whenever !  The new Disney Channel comedy tells the tale of two girl best friends who can time travel! Whoa! What would you do with time travelling powers...? I don't know, but we will find what they do on the show!

    So its a pretty packed night! And of course we are gonna be doing our traditionial review forum of BFW and TB2 Saturday but for now I think its safe to say they will be great.

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