Infobox issues

The reason that some parts are not appearing is because the parameter names used on the article do not match the infobox template's parameter names. For example, the Autin & Ally page uses | creator = Kevin Kopelow<br />Heath Seifert, but the name of the parameter used on the template is {{{created by}}}. Since those don't match, nothing is displayed. Unfortunately, most of the parameters seen on the Autin & Ally page do not match the "correct" parameters of the template. If most of the pages that are using this infobox have the same (incorrect) parameter names as those on the example, which seems to be the case, then the best thing to do would be to rename the parameters on the template itself to match the parameter names on the articles. In other words, edit Template:Infobox television to change {{{created by}}} to {{{creator}}} and so on.

Also, the reason that 1 or 0 appears on the page is due to the incorrect use of the #expr: parser function, which appears 3 times. Neither of those (failed) uses of #expr: are needed, so basically, the infobox template needs to be redesigned.

If you'd like me to handle that, let me know and I will.


Sounds good. Just let me know when all of the photos are ready, and in which order/arrangement you want them to appear on the background, and I'll get to work then.


After you've created the polls on the external website, and the website gives you code for embedding, just follow these two easy steps:

1. Create a new page with the name MediaWiki:_____ and fill in the blank with whatever word you want; for example, MediaWiki:Poll1. Copy/paste the HTML embed code the website gives you and save the page.

2. Insert <verbatim>Poll1</verbatim> (or whatever name you chose) on the page where you want the poll to appear.

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