James "Jim" Possible, and Timothy "Tim" Possible are twin brothers, and the younger siblings of Kim Possible. The name "tweebs" is a portmanteau of twins and dweebs, coined by Kim (The German form is "Zwombies", a portmanteau of "Zwillinge" (twins) and Zombies). Tim habitually wears red, Jim green. Name: Tim Possible and Jim Possible Trademark Sayings: "Boo-sha!" About: Kim Possible's twin brothers, whom she affectionally calls the "Tweebs" (Twin Dweebs), are distinguished by the color of the shirts they wear. One is often wearing red, while the other is often wearing green. When they're not harassing Kim, they're making trouble with their next whacky science invention, launching rockets, or sending out screensavers of an unexpecting Kim to all of Middleton.

Physical Description

(Tim and Jim underwent a major redesign for the fourth season, reflecting an adolescent growth spurt.)

Gender: Male

Age: 10 in season 1, 12 in season 4

Height: ~3'5" in season 1, about 4'5" in season 4.

Weight: ~75 lbs each, 100 lbs by season 4 (estimated)

Build: Short and slightly pudgy in season 1, taller and skinnier as of season 4.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Fair

Ethnic Extraction: Caucasian-American, unknown European stock


Jim and Tim have not, to date, appeared apart. Their lines and actions are mostly scripted as if for a single character, and they exhibit a creepy level of synchronization. Antagonistic, anarchic and brilliant, the tweebs care little for rules and restrictions on their activities, and rebel against their older sister's attempts to rein them in. They use a set of invented slang between themselves: "hicka-bicka-boo" and "hoosha", used as a call and response interchangeably.


Kim Possible is their older sister, who they antagonize mercilessly. Dr. James T. Possible is their father and namesake. Mrs. Dr. Possible is their mother, and Nana Possible is their grandmother. Cousin Larry, Aunt June, Slim Possible and Joss are naturally also their relatives.

Personal History

The tweebs were born sometime during Kim's pre-K year. Even at the tender age of ten, they constructed an array of amazing and often destructive devices out of the parts made available by their father's experiments. At the age of twelve, they were admitted to Middleton High School several years early.


Friends with Ron Stoppable, Rufus, and Wade. For a time socialized with Bonnie Rockwaller, mostly to antagonize Kim.

Talents and Skills

Mechanical and scientific prodigies. Gifted problem solvers.

Metafictional Data

Their voice was originally provided by Shaun Fleming. Since their redesign, it has been provided by Spencer Fox.