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The Russo's and Harper standing around the main counter at the Waverly Sub Station

The Waverly Sub Station

The Waverly Sub Station is the sandwich shop owned by Jerry Russo and Theresa Larkin-Russo. They also employ their children Justin,Alex,and Max to work in the shop after school and at weekends.

The upstairs of the shop is also the home of the Russos, and the door to the fridge in the kitchen is actually the entrance to the magic lair.


  • Harper: She worked at the Sub Station in the episode New Employee, when Alex enchanted her to be a better worker. She ended up becoming Alex's supervisor, because she was a better worker than Alex. They had a fight in which Alex ended up firing Harper, even though Harper said she had fired Alex.

In the episode Wizard for a Day, she again works at the shop, which is now The Asteroid Belt. It was changed to that after Alex gave Jerry Merlin's Hat for his birthday, which will grant anyone's wishes for one day. Eventually it was changed back to the Waverly Sub Station after aliens came and wanted the milkshake machine. Justin shot Merlin's hat with an alien ray guy to get rid of all the wishes the hat made.

  • Millie: When Alex went to intern at a fashion magazine in Credit Check, Millie was employed, and Justin spent the entire time she worked there flirting with her. Justin had thought they were going to a Tears of Blood concert, but Millie used him as a babysitter for her younger brother, while she and her boyfriend went to the concert. It is unknown whether she quit or was fired, but has not appeared since. They also made it more like substation in Wizards vs. Vampires on Waverly Place, because they had competition.