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This is a list of spells used in Wizards of Waverly Place, a Disney Channel television series staring Selena Gomez.

Pronunciation: Edgebono Utoosis
Description: Makes double of something

Pronunciation: Rip Torn, Rip Taylor, Rip bag
Description: Rips a bag open

Pronunciation:Sobbing, Cries turn these girls to older guys
Description:Turns little girls into old guys

Pronunciation:hippity hop let go of my top
Description: lets go of a girls top

Pronunciation: Whoever felt it melt it
Description: melts something (like a plastic button)

Pronunciation: Return his-her-my spine back to a line
Description: fixes a hurtful back

Pronunciation: Let's go to our new aunt's, take us to city-place
Description: takes you to your new aunts

Pronunciation: I'm rubber your glue take her smell and put it on you
Description: Switch clothes between people along with their scents

Pronunciation: What I need now is the opposite of clean make me a boy-girl without hygiene
Description: Makes you look and act dirty

Pronunciation: Scrubby Dubby, get into the Tubby
Description: Turns someone into a washing machine.

Pronunciation: Agile, bobby, tube, knee high, into socks, turn this guy
Description: Turns someone into socks

Pronunciation: A full wizard there could be but one, all power to a daughter or son, to an ancient battle transport us three, where one will emerge in victory-
Description: Takes three people to a wizard’s competition

Pronunciation: Please, please tell me now, is there something I should know, darainium darainium
Description: Say it into any flat surface and it will show you anything you should know

Pronunciation: This that copy cat
Description: Makes person copy cat the caster

Pronunciation: Badhairdayus Dissapearus
Description: Gets rid of one's bad hair day

Pronunciation: Because you have acted with no responsibility, say goodbye to your magical ability
Description: The ability to take away a wizard's powers

Pronunciation: Cashmereus Appearus
Description: Zaps on a Cashmere Sweater

Pronunciation: Cerebellum Erasus
Description:' Erases all recent memories of the people around the user along with the user

Pronunciation: Chocolator-ia Allthetime-ia
Description: Creates chocolate all the time

Pronunciation: Commakus Pancakus:
Description: Creates a stack of pancakes

Pronunciation: Cranium Revolvis:
Description: Rotates people's head around their body

Pronunciation: my inner thoughts of right and wrong, come out come where you belong:
Description: Brings ones conscious out

Pronunciation: Dehydrateuss Lugates Apeus Escapeus:
Description: Drains out flooding liquid

Pronunciation: Destination, Time Recreation
Description: Travels one through time

Pronunciation: Dripulous Merflipulous:
Description: Turns one into a mermaid or merman

Pronunciation: Ex, ex, extra grand, take a stand, lend us a hand
Description: The ability to summon the hand (The spell Justin created)

Pronunciation: Pictures of faces, step out of your places
Description: Brings pictures to life

Pronunciation: From your chin to your toes and elephant trunk grows:
Description: Replaces one's nose with an elephant trunk

Pronunciation: Fruity Putootie
Description: Turns people into talking fruit

Pronunciation: Garibay Emmobilitay
Description: Undoes an animation spell

Pronunciation: Gialsjay Timesday
Description: freezes time as long as the user is hopping, walking, or running
on one leg

Pronunciation: Go Through Moe Through:
Description: Makes an object or person go through things

Pronunciation: Havity No Gravity:
Description: Defies one's gravitational pull, allowing them to walk on walls

Pronunciation: Humanoza Espinoza:
Description: Turns an animal back to a human

Pronunciation: Hairbranium Exchangium
Description: The ability to switch hair

Pronunciation: If Baxter loses his job it will be a pity, make it snow over half of New York City
Description: Makes it snow over half of New York City

Pronunciation: this cab can't drive, do whatever it takes to bring it alive:
Description: brings a cab to live

Pronunciation: I'm old enough to hang with actress/model/spokeswoman Ruby Donahue, so get me into Night of the Halloween Sorority Party Disaster 2:
Description: The ability to teleport into the movie Night of the Halloween Sorority Party Disaster 2

Pronunciation: I'm scared of what might happen next, take us to the mondoplex:
Description: The ability to teleport to the Mondoplex

Pronunciation: Go thru Mo thru
Description: lets something or somebody go through any kind of thing.

Pronunciation: Jolovitz Rid-of-zitz:
Description: The ability to rid of acne

Pronunciation: Levitatus Liquidatus:
Description: Levitates liquids

Pronunciation: Lies, Lies, I need a disguise:
Description: gives you an disguise

Pronunciation: Literarium Tararium:
Description: Brings one into a book

Pronunciation: Mailus Spontaneous (name/place):
Description: Opens a portal to send mail to someone

Pronunciation: McWeary Time Reary:
Description: Rewinds time to let a wizard fix a mistake

Pronunciation: Murrieta Animata:
Description: Brings an inanimate object to life

Pronunciation: Murrieta Animata Grande:
Description: Brings an inanimate object to life-size

Pronunciation: Make your troubles no more, go in through the outdoor:
Description: It is the outdoor spell

Pronunciation: No this, No that, No Copy Cat:
Description: A Counter spell to This that Copy Cat.

Pronunciation: Pictures of faces return to your places (place), (date):
Description: Brings figures back into their pictures

Pronunciation: Piggly, Wiggly, Get into the Jiggly:
Description: Traps one into a big block of jelly

Pronunciation: Piggly, Wiggly, get out of that Jiggly:
Description: Gets one out of a block of jelly

Pronunciation: Posters, posters on the wall, now it's time to tell us all:
Description: Makes posters talk that around the user

Pronunciation: Please brain, leave brain:
Description: The ability to return the other person's brain

Pronunciation: Pound for pound, you're a clown:
Description: Turns Someone into a clown

Pronunciation: Rearly, Dearly, Repair this vastly:
Description: Repairs a Thing

Pronunciation: Red skies at night, fix it right: {C
Description: The ability to fix an object

Pronunciation: Rope from Greenwald's, help me now, climb up there and tie a bow:
Description: Makes a rope shoot up and tie something up

Pronunciation: Raid on Chain on:
Description: Ties everyone around the user up with chains

Pronunciation: Satisfy my empty belly, make me a peanut butter and jelly:
Description: The ability to transform someone into a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich

Pronunciation: Sayvus-yer-buttickus:
Description: A charm put on couches so that wizards would fall on them when practicing levitation spells

Pronunciation: Scritty-Politty No-Quitty:
Description: Stops one from quitting

Pronunciation: Soap on a rope, soap fall off a rope, rope shot out of my hand, rope tie up that man:
Description: Ties a man up with a rope

Pronunciation: Some are evil, some are kind, but now all must speak their mind:
Description: Causes all to say what they're thinking

Pronunciation: Some people are a gem, some people are a rat, to learn who's who, give me the ear of a bat:
Description: Gives the user bat ears with super-sonic hearing

Pronunciation: Spandau Ballet tell me it's true, take this evil man, you know what to do:
Description: Stops someone from doing something evil

Pronunciation: Stop all the racket, I'll wear a jacket:
Description: Zaps on a jacket

Pronunciation: Simplify your mind, leave that thought behind:
Description: Erases the last few moments of one’s memory.

Pronunciation: Send away parents, who laugh and play, make them younger by just a day: Description: Ability to make your parents young

Pronunciation: Take this girl who's a great serving wench, and give her back the skills of a bench:
Description: Takes away one's serving skills as a waiter

Pronunciation: Take this girl with the skills of a bench, and turn her into a serving wench: Description: Gives one serving skills as a waiter

Pronunciation: This has all been a pain, now we want to switch back our brain:
Description: The ability to own two brains

Pronunciation: This (person/thing) is now not, a (person/thing) should fill its slot:
Description: Transforms things

Pronunciation: Threemetris Movetris:
Description: Teleports object or people 10 feet away

Pronunciation: Tomunane Kinesis:
Description: Applies telekinesis to an object

Pronunciation: Top-Haticus Lop-Earitus:
Description: Used to perfrorm the "rabbit in a hat" trick

Pronunciation: Take away all meat and add some snazz, turn this noise into smooth jazz: Description: Turns rock music into smooth jazz.

Pronunciation: Simplify your mind leave that thout behind:
Description: one forget what they were thinking

Pronunciation: stop these cries turn these girls into older guys:
Description: turns girls into old men

Pronunciation: Transformius Skateboardius:
Description: Puts one onto skateboards

Pronunciation: Transportium Nextorbitorium:
Description: Teleports one to any planet

Pronunciation: This That Copy Cat:
Description: Makes something/someone copy the caster

Pronunciation: without wands or cloaks you all turn into slowpokes:

  • Description: turns everyone around the caster into slowpokes

Pronunciation: We are now small and teeny weenie, we are done visiting the genie:
Description: Bring people out from a genie lamp

Pronunciation: When you're tired of the same story, turn some pages, (object or person):
Description: Turns the user into an object or person.

Pronunciation: when revelting ,melting
Description: melt an item

Pronunciation: We've had enough of all this fear, so hurry up and get us out of here:
Description: The ability to teleport into the basement of Night of the Halloween Sorority Party Disaster 2

Pronunciation: You haven't acted with any responsibility, say goodbye to your magical ability: Description: Used by a headmaster to remove magic from wizards

Pronunciation: Zippitus-yer-Trapatus:
Description: Shuts one up

Pronunciation: Brain, Brain, go away back before the college day:
Description: makes one forget everything from college

Pronunciation: Bipity Bopity Boo (name/object)
Description: flashes an object or person where they want it to go

Pronunciation: Kelargo, Kewest Keychain:
Description: turns something into a keychain

Pronunciation: Here These 3 (last name of same wizard family(s) Cry Begone (person) Vaporize
Description: One of the most powerful spells in the world it can only be done by 3 wizard siblings in training combining their powers And it can vaporize anyone

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